Turning logistics into luxurious experience.

Sigma is much more than supreme logistics and transport provider – 
it is a contribution to your public image,
a desired message you want to send to your associates and clients.

We do understand that standards are high,
and we have created a company that is capable of meeting them,
even under tight deadlines.


To us in Sigma, luxury is a state of mind and an important business asset. 
That is why we applied our full capacity to delivering the top notch treatment to our clients: 
should you need an event, a team building plan, 
a business travel destination and a door to door limo or an airplane.


With Sigma, everyone is a Superstar.

Just a phone call away a perfect limo waits for you. 
A chauffeur that’s dedicated to delivering the smoothest ride. 
Imagine those little things: a cold drink, soft napkin and a bisquite. 
When you need to focus, to prepare for your next challenge, after a long journey.


Make them big, too.

The very second you’ve made arrangements with our chauffeur, 
you can relax and focus on important stuff. We’ll make sure you get to the airport on time, 
while enjoying the ride. We’ll take care of the suitcases, and be there on the day you return. 
Because people working for Sigma truly believe that delivering excellence is the most noble
motivation in life. We love to see you succeed and want to help you feel like a superstar.
Because luxury is an attitude, not just extravagance.


The signature of success.